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Founder @ Dance La Vie Studio Singapore

Dance La vie


It started with a little girl who wasn’t the healthiest person in her class. In fact, she was having issues with her health from time to time, during the age where most children are having the fun of their life. So much so that it was understood by the parents, teachers, friends and doctors, that she should have it her way. “Don’t give her pressure and she needs all the rest and sleep” said the mom to the school teacher once.


Expectedly, with the ample leeway in school, she didn’t grow up to be interested in academy. Or rather there wasn’t much in school that was interesting enough to have caught her attention, except for one thing. Perhaps it’s the glamourous image associated with it, all the colors and lights, but when she saw a live performance of a dance team performing at her school, she was intrigued, for once. She knew this is her path.


So she began picking up things by herself. Back in the days when internet was not widespread, the learning stems from TV shows. It was difficult, mostly because of her body conditions, but also due to the parent’s objection. No financial support was given. But she did not give up. Her health dragged her down at times, but her mind doesn’t. She could not remember how many days, hours and minutes she spent just by dancing around, like a fool, step by step, trying to mimic a dance that she can so memorize very well. Perhaps with interest it really brings out the talent in someone – this is so true on her.


Amazing things can happen when you persevere. She improved drastically, and she felt it. Dancing is her favorite pastime, this is how she plays. Overtime, she was able to keep up with the stamina and gradually, trips to the hospital decreased, as she improved further. All of a sudden, she had changed, from the little sick girl, to the cheerful and bubbly teenage dancer.


But still, her parents objected her path, with fear of her conditions. For a while, there was a standoff and things were not too pleasant between the rebellious teenager and her parents. Nonetheless, she kept her interest going and it was only when she secretly went for an audition into the Hua Kang Arts School and eventually got a precious admission slot, her parents decided to give her the support.


She eventually graduated, and her time spent there was the best years of her life. She made new friends with the same interest with her, and friendships were forged with unbreakable bonds. Her health is now less of a problem, and she lives life enjoying every moment she can – all because of dance.


With ambition, she went on to make her hobby into a career and became a dance teacher. For ten years, she has taught countless students across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, many of them became good dancers and now close friends.


To present, she cannot be more grateful and if given a choice, she will not hesitate to take the same path again, and again. Venturing as a boss for the first time, Dance La Vie, to her, is not just a name for her studio. It is how she lives and play. It represents her way of life. It is her La Vie.

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